) }} Hill's Puppy Preschool
Positive training advice and practice sessions for you and your puppy

We are pleased to offer Hill's Puppy Preschool at our Vetcare clinics. These classes are run by our trusted and knowledgeable Vet Nurses to get the best start for your puppies social and training development.

The course consists of 4 evening classes over consecutive weeks. Classes are approximately  1 hour long.

  • These classes give insight into your pup's mind and behaviour. Along with developing social skills, reinforcing acceptable behaviour and teaching verbal cues.
  • These classes offer positive training advice and practice sessions for you and your puppy to build a strong relationship.
  • Socialisation is key for  your puppy to learn how to interact and get on with other pups & people in a safe, controlled environment.

Ideal for all new or previous dog owners with a young puppy. 

PLUS receive a FREE Hills puppy pack containing:

  • Treat and play chew ball
  • Dog lead
  • Two cans of Hill's science Diet Puppy Savoury Stew Chicken and Vegetables canned food
  • Puppy Best Start Kit with food sample and discount vouchers
  • Puppy Preschool certificate and downloadable owner handouts
  • 2x 50% off Introductory Voucher
  • 1x 20% off Introductory Voucher

Enrolment Checklist:

✓ Your Puppy is aged 8-16 weeks at the commencement of the course

✓ Your Puppy has had at least one vaccination from a vet clinic

✓ Your puppy is healthy

✓ Contact your Vetcare Clinic to register now - places are limited!

Where is my closest Puppy Preschool?

Classes are held in various Vetcare Clinics nationwide, check out our map to find out where the nearest course is being held!

When is the next Puppy Preschool course being held? Find out when the next course is run by giving us a call or check the community notice board in-Clinic for class times.