Selling Your Clinic?

Take the next step, with the Vetcare Group

Joining the Vetcare Group is a great way to take the next step. Whether you are considering selling your clinic or buying into one, there are lots of reasons to consider talking to us.

Proven experience: If you're choosing a business partner, talk to one that really understands your business. We already manage a large, successful network of vet clinics and specialist centres throughout New Zealand (and Australia with Greencross Vets).

Support from our national team: With a centralised national support office and dedicated area manager for help and mentoring, the business side of your clinic becomes more efficient and manageable.

500,000+ members: Animates Friends For Life programme is the only loyalty programme that covers pet speciality and vet, driving retail customers into your clinic.

Developing you and your team: You'll have access to our extensive education programme which includes the Greencross group CPD programme, helping you and your staff to ensure high clinical standards.

We're flexible: Because we treat every clinic as unique, we're extremely flexible with the approach we take with acquisitions.

Talk to us in confidence.

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